News / EventSolo art exhibitions in Rouen, France.

Starting on October 18th, the solo art exhibitions of Leland Lee will be held in the city of Rouen, France. The exhibitions will display Leland’s paintings created in Paris and Rouen, as well as his artworks that utilize the augmented reality (AR) technology.

With the AR application on mobile devices, the audience may see the objects in the paintings become animated and even interactive. The novel and fun way of combining paintings with AR technology will give the audience an unprecedented experience of enjoying Leland Lee’s colorful and exuberant art world.

The opening will be on October 18th, 5 PM at the CHU and 6PM at the City Hall. All are welcome.

Dates: October 18 ~ December 10, 2016
Venues: (1) Rouen City Hall, (2) CHU

AR Instruction

  • Scan qr code or search "Leland x Astoria" on Google Play/MobileApp store to install the "Leland x Astoria MobileApp." To see more of Leland’s artworks and augmented reality effects.
  • Open the MobileApp, select "SCAN ART", point the camera at the following artworks.
  • The first time you open the app, you need to download the content for a few minutes.(Wifi connection is recommended.)

*Point the camera at the following images, tap twice on the screen, and interact with the objects!

Photos from the Event